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Forums up and running

KaylenaMaria, Feb 27, 13 10:43 PM.
Well I finally got most of the forums done. I plan to add some more guides but it's officially up and running. Let me know what you think! Hoo!

New Guild Site & Forums!

KaylenaMaria, Feb 26, 13 3:30 PM.
Finally got the guild site up although it's still under construction and needs some tweaking. Be sure to check it out along with the new forums section. You'll have to register in the forums as it's separate from guildportal.

The Spartans Guild is a fun loving community of players 18+ that can sometimes be silly, goofy, wild and a little bit crazy but always helpful. If you are interested in joining our guild be sure to view our Guild Rules below:

1. Respect. Treat others as you wish to be treated.

2. Adults 18+ only. If we find out that you are under-aged you will be kicked from the guild, no matter what. This is not a negotiation.

3. Do not disrespect the Guild Leader, Guild Vice Leader, or Corp Leaders or guild member. While stating a difference of opinion or a complaint is fine, we will not tolerate blatant disrespect. This means that if a decision is made by an officer and enforced by the Guild Leader, there is no appeal unless stated otherwise. It is not a wise decision to insult them, call them out of their name, or threaten them in any way. This behavior will get your kicked and permanently banned. If a fellow guild member is caught doing this to another guild member, it is advisable of the witness or victim of the harassment to make a screen shot of the incident and let an officer of the guild know. We will then deliberate on the action that the incident warrants.

4. The Guild Leader/Vice Guild Leader's judgement is official and they always have the last say in decision concerning the guild. This means that we don't arbitrarily ban or kick people from the guild. If the Guild Leader or Vice Guild Leader is not present when a confrontation happens that would warrant such an action, the officer's present or guild member should take screen shots of the incident in question and report it to a higher ranking officer or guild leader. We will then call a deliberation between the officers, Guild Leader/Vice Guild Leader if needed and it is possibly voted on or the Guild Leader/Guild Vice Leader will make a decision on it. Their decision is final and law.

5. If you are permanently banned, this means you will not be able to get into the guild ever again, even on appeal. You were banned for a reason and if it's bad enough to warrant permanence then we do not need you in the guild.

6. Keep arguments out of Guild Chat. We are all adults so you should be able to handle disagreements between yourselves like it. The involved parties should take any such disagreements out of guild chat to a private channel such as party channel or pm. After three warnings, warnings within a period of one month could lead to your expulsion of the guild or demotion in your member status.

7. If a disagreement cannot be settled between the involved parties, it is advisable to go to an officer so that they may help mediate a solution. This officer should be an objective third party to the discussion. If they cannot be, then take it to the Guild Vice Leader and/or Guild Leader.

8. We like to have fun, horse-play, and have a good time. Forsaken world is a game and we sign on for the entertainment and stress relief that it provides from our normal, mundane and sometimes day-to-day tasks. We understand that there will be some poking between guild members. If you have thin-skin then this is probably not the guild for you. We will treat you like adults that can handle things because we expect you to be adults.

9. Keep up with guild requirements! The guild requirements aren't that strenuous at the moment. We try to make it so that everyone can get what needs to be done. Doing 5 guild quests a week isn't that difficult. If you log in every day and have time to do Life in the Harbor and/or GT or some other instance that is in your GQ box, then grab it. It doesn't cost you any extra effort to do so. We want our members to be active in the guild and in chat.

These rules are subject to change or be amended at any time with/without notice.

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